• Name

    Şeyda Özkan Gülzari
  • Affiliation

    Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research
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Short Bio

Şeyda Özkan Gülzari holds a PhD on the impact of different dairy feeding systems on greenhouse gas emissions and profitability in Australia. She has used HolosNor in the past years to lead and contribute to studies with focus on combining or comparing different animal, crop and economic models in Norway and Europe.

She previously led a task on modelling animal health and diseases in the context of climate change, as a part of the European Project MACSUR, Modelling European Agriculture with Climate Change for Food Security, and recently published a review and a research article focusing on the impact of improved animal health on greenhouse gas emissions intensity. Her recent research interests are to find alternative protein sources, feeding and grazing strategies with potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from ruminant production systems in Norway and internationally.

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