• Name

    Radmilo Čolović
  • Affiliation

    University of Novi Sad, Institute of Food Technology, Feed to Food center

Short Bio

Dr Radmilo Čolović is a Senior Research Assistant at Institute of Food Technology, at Research center for feed technology and animal products, University of Novi Sad. He received a PhD in Food Technology Engineering in 2013 at the Faculty of Food Technology. Research fields of scientific interest of Dr Čolović cover process technology and process engineering within food and feed industry; raw material improvement and product development; optimization of physical, chemical and nutritional properties of animal feed.

He is involved in national and international scientific projects (H2020, COST, IPA, bilateral cooperation). Dr Čolović is a member of various organizations such as Animal Task Force (ATF), International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF), European Feed Technology Center (EUFETEC).

LivAGE Working group(s) involved

  • WG3

Additional Information

Main Research fields of activity

Feed processing


Process optimization

Product optimization

Laboratory production

Experimental facilities / instruments / software

Pilot for production of animal feed

Instruments for evaluation of physical

Chemical and nutritional quality of animal feed

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