• Name

    Marcello Mele
  • Affiliation

    Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment

Short Bio

MS-degree in Agricultural Science and PhD in Animal Science. He is full professor in Animal Science at the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment of University of Pisa. Currently he is director of the Centro di Ricerche Agro-ambientali “E. Avanzi” of University of Pisa. In the last ten years his research activity was focused on milk and cheese quality, with emphasis on fatty acid composition and on nutritional and functional properties of dairy fat; meat quality and influence of feeding and farming systems on fatty acid composition of intramuscular fat; effect of genetic and environmental factors on milk fat composition; lipid metabolism in the rumen as affected by feeding regimen, with emphasis on the use of dietary polyphenols; sustainable livestock systems and mitigation of the environmental effects, with emphasis on ammonia and methane emission.

LivAGE Working group(s) involved:

  • WG3