• Name

    Guoqiang Zhang
  • Affiliation

    Aarhus University

Short Bio

Guoqiang Zhang is a senior scientist and the head of Fluid Dynamics & Building Ventilation Lab, in Department of Engineering, Aarhus University, with major research interests in Indoor environments in livestock buildings, including modelling, measurements and control of thermal environment, air quality and emission in the buildings. He has been Principal investigator, project manager and project working package responsible for 45+ research projects in Bio-environmental engineering, including climatic system modelling and control; air quality and air distribution control in room, instrumentation and sensing, modelling mass transfer in emission boundary layer, odour and gases emission and dispersion from livestock buildings.

Emission of livestock production housing, including developments of measurement techniques, modelling methods and reduction technologies, is one of his major research areas.

LivAGE Working group(s) involved:

  • WG1

  • WG2

  • WG3

  • WG4

Additional Information

Main Research fields of activity

Environmental Engineering of Livestock Buildings
Experimental Fluid Dynamics
Air Distribution in Buildings
Emission boundary layer and mass transfer in air
Climatic Control in Livestock Buildings – Modelling and Simulation, Multivariable Control
Energy efficiency in ventilation

Experimental facilities / instruments / software

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